As promised I am back with a brand new article, this time dedicated to teach you how to comprehend the maximum possible amount. I found out a very interesting research to share with all of you while I was searching about sped reading and comprehension.


As a result of a very interesting survey it has been found out that most adults can manage to increase their comprehension rate while they achieved more speed in reading. However their comprehension rate seemed to increase even more when they read slowly. Interesting? Isn’t it?


Your ability to get a good comprehension rate depends on the fact that whether you are able to extract information and ideas at the same speed at which you are reading the text. For this purpose the first tip I would suggest here is no to reread the words. Rereading may not surely increase your comprehension rate, but it would stoop your reading speed for sure.


Gaining good comprehension means to improve your understanding and reading habits. Reading fast without trying to improve your mental habits would results in further lesser comprehension rate.


Another interesting research result is that comprehension while speed reading a block of text is much more as compared to comprehension when reading regularly.  While regular reading, it has often been observed that an average reading spends almost 15 – 20 percent of his time actually re reading the words. See the difference of time you can achieve while speed reading?


In order to gain maximum comprehension, it is advisable to skim the chapter first. Get an idea to which part the author has given more effort. Those are probably more important sections of the text. Sections that have comparatively more diagrams are also termed to be important. Now read the first two sentences of the paragraph more carefully and then you can quick read the rest of the paragraphs. If complimented with diagrams, give the diagrams thorough look. Search for the noun verb compositions in each paragraph and focus your mind on this pairs instead of focusing each and every word.


I hope these tips were of help to you and you would surely implement them in the coming time. Next… What benefit does reading give you?? We will talk about speaking and writing!